Welcome to Ri-Mor Topsoil!

Our Mission Statement

"We strive to provide the customer with the optimum value for the dollar spent. Providing a top quality product, by providing screened top soil in commercial quantities or individual orders, with an emphasis on the needs of the customer, while protecting the environment and maintaining product consistency and integrity."

We continue striving to meet Mid-Missouri's landscaping needs and are well-known for the highest quality of our products, for the timeliness of their delivery to our customers and for the high caliber of service we deliver.

Whether you're an individual, contractor or landscaper, we have the expertise to help you in the most cost-effective and efficient manner - we can deliver large quantities of screened topsoil at a better price than our competitors. We also specialize in clay fill and boulder product lines meant to meet all your topsoil needs.

Thanks for stopping by - see our new commercial posted on our home page, and make yourself at home!

Soil Calculator

Our soil calculator can help you assess how many total cubic yards of topsoil you will need for your desired coverage area.

Determine your Coverage Area

For rectangular coverage areas: Input your measurements (Width x Length), and be sure to include desired "thickness" (depth) of soil.

For circular coverage areas: Input your depth and diameter (edge-to-edge distance across the middle of circular area).

Total cubic yardage of soil required for your project will be calculated, as well as total loads needed (10 cubic yards per load).

Cubic Yards Required
Load Required
Cubic Yards Required
Load Required